“Hey Google” now also works with third-party apps

The Google Assistant helps people get things done every day – and for people using Android phones, mobile apps are often the best way to help with tasks. That’s why today Google has extended the convenience of the assistant’s simple voice commands to work with the favorite Android apps.

Opening and searching in Android apps with "Hey Google" is now available for all Android phones with assistants. This makes everyday tasks within an app much easier thanks to the voice control.

But users also want voice commands for these common tasks. Now you can play music, start a run, post on social networks, order food, repay a friend, say hello to a ride – the list goes on and on – all with just your voice.

As of today, you can use more than 30 of the top apps from the Google Play Store, which are available worldwide in English, with the Google Assistant.

Here are a couple of things that can be done in English:

Assistant-Partners App-Actions
Google Assistant Partners App Actions (Source: Google)

And custom abbreviation phrases can also be created for your most common tasks. Unfortunately everything is only in English.

"Regardless of whether you want to have your hands free to use your apps or create shortcuts for completing common tasks, we want to make Android and your apps even more useful and convenient – and give you the time back to enjoy the most important things. "


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