Google Maps will turn green and yellow to better show the relief and nature of the terrain

Google Maps will become even more useful. There will be much more terrain data in the view. There will also be an option to display sidewalks.

Google Maps has long been able to use various viewing modes for cartographic data. Satellite view is intended to shed some light on the topography of an area, while the default view focuses on the layout of the streets and less importance on what lies in between.

The new version of Google Maps will present more detailed terrain data in a simplified view.

The update, coming in the coming days, will cover 220 countries currently supported by Google Maps. It makes it much greener in many places on the map to indicate that there is vegetation, while some green patches can now be completely white if they are actually hills with snow.

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Google wants users to be able to distinguish not only glacial peaks and huge tracts of grass, but also densely forested areas, deserts and beaches at a glance. All this will be helped by completely new color mapping algorithms on a simplified digital map, which are based on data from satellite images covering 98 percent. the surface of the globe.

How will Google Maps change?

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Looking at the examples provided by Google , it is impossible not to notice that in most cases such maps look much more useful outside cities, but it cannot be denied that they may lose some of the readability in urbanized areas. It remains to keep your fingers crossed for Google to keep the golden mean here.

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It is also worth mentioning that the new colors are not the only novelty in Google Maps. The creators of the service took care to better present the streets – these will now not only be of different widths, but pavements and pedestrian crossings will also be marked on the digital map. These will first appear in New York, San Francisco and London.

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Google Maps will turn green and yellow to better show the topography and nature of the terrain