Google is now rolling out the new Assistant on Huawei smartphones

Even if Huawei was hit hard by the US ban and many wondered how things will go on, there is positive news again.

The collaboration with Google in particular has ended completely. After the last exemption was no longer extended, there were also fears that existing devices from Huawei would no longer receive new updates.

But now it has been shown that this does not apply to the new Google Assistant. Because this is currently distributed to the Huawei P-series smartphones.

On reddit, users report that they have now received the new version of the voice assistant. However, this only applies to the English-speaking area for the time being, in Germany it does not seem to have happened yet.

The distribution of Google’s new assistant is like chewing gum. The new version was presented last year. And so far it is not even available on the new Pixel devices with Android 11 in Germany. But Google has promised that this should be done by the end of the year.


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