Germany plans further incentives to buy electric cars

Since the federal government is once again betting on a purchase premium for the automotive industry , it also seems that something is planned especially for electric cars.

The Federal Government also wants to create additional incentives to buy electric cars. Up to EUR 4,500.00 should be possible as long as the new electric car does not cost more than EUR 77,000.00.

For the EUR 4,500.00 there would still be the general environmental bonus of EUR 6,000.00, so together you could get up to EUR 10,500.00 in funding when you buy a new electric car.

For cheap electric cars, this would be an enormous incentive to buy. It’s not as easy to have EUR 10,500.00 with you, because funding from the federal government might make your decision easier.

But what is completely incomprehensible that you again pay the purchase premium on combustion engines is the completely wrong sign. Right now you could have set the course for the future.

Germany’s contribution plans further incentives to buy electric cars first appeared on Xiaomist .