Forget Netfliks in 4K and HDR in Safari on Mac. It s a luxury for the few

Safari will finally allow you to watch 4K content with HDR support on Netflix, but only a few Mac owners will be able to take advantage of this novelty.

Safari is a great browser, but its Achilles heel has always been high-quality video playback. Due to the lack of support for appropriate codecs, video on demand services such as YouTube and Netflix limited the resolution of materials that Mac users could enjoy.

HDR technology support was also usually a problem. This means that customers who paid for access to materials with additional information about colors, who had access to a monitor supporting this technology, had to do without taste. This is fortunately changing.

Netflix in Safari – 4K and HDR support is coming

High resolution and HDR technology within Netflix will be officially supported in the new version of Safari in macOS 11 Big Sur , when it will be officially released in autumn 2020. Thanks to this, users will not have to use a browser other than system.