E-scooters review: the best way to commute to work after lockdown? – The Sunday Times

It’s a breezy morning in Seattle and Scott LaMontagne is setting off for work. Dressed in his office clothes, he jumps onto a £500 electric scooter and heads onto the road in a special lane that gives cyclists and e-scooterists right of way. “It’s ideal — the quickest way to get there,” says LaMontagne. “I live in the central area of Seattle, a short distance from Downtown, so the scooter is great. I used to go by bus, which took about 25 minutes. With the scooter it’s half that.”

LaMontagne, a 53-year-old epidemiologist specialising in vaccines, has been working flat out recently and the Chinese-made e-scooter — called a Ninebot — has to keep up. He’s less often at his desk because of the lockdown,