e-Choices cost 140,000 PLN and not durable. Poles abroad could not register for the second round

The next episode of the soap opera with the title "e-there State". The e-Choices page belonging to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has fallen. And it fell when Poles abroad tried to register to participate in the presidential election.

Polish e-administration is tango down again! This time, tens of thousands of volunteers were enough to vote in the presidential election to break it down. Only until yesterday until midnight Poles abroad could add willingness to participate in the second round of presidential elections. Only an hour before the end of registration, the special eWybory system from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stopped working. And this is a new art ordered barely a year and a half ago by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Only until yesterday until midnight, those willing to take part in the second round of elections, who did not feel such a need in the first round, could sign up to the list of voters online at https://ift.tt/1nZObFv . However, the page has stopped working on the last straight. Most likely, the system could not withstand the increased interest. Only in Great Britain yesterday more than 50,000 people. As calculated by Jakub Krupa, a former PAP correspondent in Great Britain, before the breakdown could be added almost 100 thousand. European voters.