Does your Xiaomi charge slowly or intermittently? So you can fix it

Does your Xiaomi charge very slowly or intermittently? This error is usually very common when our cable is in poor condition, we use a low-quality charger or even when the USB or USB Type-C port of your Xiaomi is dirty or obstructed.

With a view to this, below we will explain the main steps or solutions to take if your Xiaomi charges slowly , if the charge is intermittent or if in the worst case, your mobile does not detect the USB that is connected to the socket electric.

1. Clean the USB port

Although it may sound simple, in most cases slow charging problems are usually caused by a piece of paper or a speck of dust that obstructs the pins of the USB port . Taking into account the nature of this connector, it is normal that after repeated use dirt accumulates inside.

Does your Xiaomi charge slowly or intermittently? So you can fix it

A dirty USB C port is usually the main cause of slow or intermittent charging.

To solve this charging problem and clean the USB C port of your Xiaomi, it is recommended to blow lightly inside the port itself. In addition, we can use a small toothpick , if possible to be made of wood, in order to extract and remove any dust or dirt particles.

2. Check the condition of the charger and use quality chargers

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If after cleaning the microUSB or USB C port of your Xiaomi the charge is still slow or intermittent, the second step is to check the status of the charger and the cable. It is advisable to regularly check the condition of the cable , that there is no cut or that it is bent or threshed in some area.

Also, it is very important that we use quality chargers . If we lose our original charger, theirs is that we buy another of the same type or resort to a recognized brand such as Aukey or UGreen .

3. Check the condition of the battery with Ampere

If after cleaning the USB port and checking the charging cable of your Xiaomi it still does not charge correctly, it does it very slowly or intermittently, the next step is to check the state of the battery and the charging system.

For this we will use the Ampere application available on the Google Play Store . This will show us the current state of the battery, the level of charge and will inform us in relation to whether we are using the Xiaomi smartphone’s own battery or if instead we have it connected to a charging socket.

Among all this information, we must pay special attention to values ​​such as the temperature (it should not exceed 26-40ºC), the state of health of the battery and if our Xiaomi really detects when we connect it to the power outlet .

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If your Xiaomi still continues to charge very slowly, intermittently or directly does not charge, the next thing would be to go to an authorized technical service . In it they will be able to advise you and solve the charging problem of your Xiaomi mobile.