Does Huawei want to part with Honor?

Will Huawei and Honor go their separate ways in the future? As can now be read, Huawei is considering selling Honor.

Huawei has been fighting the US sanctions for almost 1.5 years. The daughter Honor is also affected and also suffers from the same prohibitions.

That would of course be an advantage for Honor, because if you no longer belong to Huawei, then you are no longer affected by the US sanctions.

In any case, the reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo sees no other scenario for Honor.

This would then possibly secure this brand, since the US government has fully targeted Huawei. Honor could then possibly work again with Google and TSMC to produce smartphones for the western markets again.

The question now arises, who could buy Honor then?


Does Huawei want to part with Honor? first appeared on Xiaomist .