Do you browse pages with the keyboard? In Chrome 86, this will be easier

We usually use a mouse, trackpad or touch interface to operate the browser. Some of us – including people with disabilities – prefer to use the keyboard. Chrome’s developers will help with this.

I do not know on what device you read this news. If it’s a phone, I’m sure you scroll through text using your finger. Computer? Probably a trackpad or a mouse, possibly a touchscreen. Well, but there are also those who, for some reason, find it more convenient to use other equipment.

These may be people with disabilities, for whom the buttons on the keyboard are much easier to use than manipulators that require a certain dexterity. Or users who just prefer the keyboard for some reason.

Chrome 86 will make it easier to navigate with the keyboard. More specifically, it will tell you what is currently selected.

You may not even know how keyboard navigation works. At the beginning I suggest a simple adventure with the [TAB] button. Pressed? Oh sorry, the browser must have moved the text preview to the closest active hyperlink and you had to come back here. Each press of this button will select the next active element on the site. Pressing [Enter] causes the selected link to be clicked .

Browsers mark a link marked with a keyboard with a discreet border, commonly known as a focus ring by programmers. According to Google, it is too discreet. Chrome 86 will display a much clearer outline for two seconds after pressing the button on the keyboard. The browser itself will select the appropriate contrast and color, it should look like this:

In addition, website developers will be able to style this border as they wish, if they do not want to trust the automatic mechanism of the browser – at this address, they will find more information on this topic. For example, due to the above, the new feature will not be limited only to Chrome – it also went to Chromium, so it will appear in Edge, Opera, Brave and other browsers using this foundation, unless their creators decide otherwise.

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Do you browse pages with the keyboard? In Chrome 86, this will be easier