Corona warning app with 16.9 million downloads now

The Corona warning app has now had 16.9 million downloads. The number of downloads has only increased slightly again.

Updates have ensured that the problems that have occurred have been eliminated on both Android and iOS. There have been one or two updates in the last few days.

The Corona warning app has now been available in the stores of the two major providers for almost 2 months. Since then it has been downloaded 9.0 million times on Google and 7.9 million times on Apple. The numbers are from August 11th.

Users should continue to open the app at least once a day in order to be able to carry out the data comparison and to receive a timely warning in an emergency. Unfortunately, there is currently no other way.

According to the RKI, 1,320 users were warned of a possible danger between the deadline of August 11. They can then be tested for themselves or put into quarantine voluntarily.

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