Corona warning app cracks the 14 million downloads

Corona warning app cracks the 14 million downloads. The app is slowly approaching the next milestone of 15 million downloads.

It was thought that the app ran out of air. But over the weekend, the number of downloads continued to grow strongly. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has now confirmed this .

At the end of last week there were 13.3 million downloads , so now another 700,000 have been added over the weekend.

Corona warning app: despite slow normality, the number of downloads is increasing

Although normality is slowly returning to Germany, interest in the app is still very high. This shows that many have understood that the pandemic is not over yet.

The criticism of the first few days has also slowly subsided, perhaps because people now also know that the Corona Warning app does not "spy on" them. There was a lot of bullshit to read in advance.

We will probably reach the 15 million downloads by the end of the week. The more people download and install the Corona Warning app, the better it can help.

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