Conspiracy theories: are we ruled by the Bilderberg Club?

Many conspiracy theories are based on revealing who actually rules us. And they are not officially elected by parliamentarians or presidents. It is usually some secret council or world government whose decisions are made in strange but well-known places.

One of such places is, for example, Bohemian Grove . According to David Icke, in this private park in California, the reigning lizards are transformed into their true form.

Another meeting where members of the secret world government reportedly gather is the Bilderberg Club. For many, the mere fact that such demonic figures as Rafał Trzaskowski, Radosław Sikowski or his wife Anne Applebaum appeared at his meetings. But let us take a closer look at these secret meetings.

Why Bilderberg?

The name of the club (which is not really a club – meetings are only open by invitation, no membership required) comes from the hotel in the Netherlands where the meeting was first held.

The first meeting was led in 1954 by a Pole, an émigré politician Józef Retinger. Thanks to his contacts, he managed to talk to a group of influential people at the time (including the Dutch prince Bernard and Belgian Prime Minister Paul van Zeeland) and persuaded them to the idea of ​​annual meetings.

The purpose of the meetings was to discuss current events and talks aimed at integration between Europe and America, as well as plans to reintegrate countries “behind the Iron Curtain”. Two leaders from a given country: liberal and conservative, were invited to the talks that are organized every year. Leaders who were not related to the government, but for example business, were often invited. During the meetings, the so-called Chatham House – a set of protocols to ensure the anonymity of the interlocutor and source of information with the simultaneous freedom to use the knowledge gained.

Closed but not secret

The meetings from the time they were initiated by Retinger are not secret – however, admission is allowed only upon presentation of an appropriate invitation. Journalists who would like to report on them are also not admitted. However, topics for discussion and one press statement are published. Until the 1990s, there was also one press conference after the meeting, but this practice was abandoned due to… little press interest.

This year, the meeting was postponed due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus epidemic.

Participants are obliged to pay for their travel and stay during the meeting. No institution pays for their participation, and it is the responsibility of the representative from the host country to organize the place of the meeting.

On the official website of Bilderberg Meetings you will find a list of topics from the very beginning, i.e. the 1950s. The last meeting took place from May 30 to June 2, 2019 in Montreux, Switzerland. The topics of the meeting were: the situation in China and Russia, the threat of using social media in information warfare, the future of capitalism, the importance of space exploration and climate change.

Conspiracy behind closed doors

The current interest in the meetings of the Bilderberg group began in 2006 with the book of the famous conspiracy theorist Daniel Estulin, entitled A true story of the Bilderberg Club (Polish edition in 2009, published by the Sonia Draga publishing house). The author in the book claims that the club’s meetings are devoted to gaining world domination and that every year participants receive orders to be carried out by unknown rulers. The book has gained great recognition, for example, Fidel Castro, who has a sense of isolation among world leaders.

What do we know specifically about the form of meetings? In 2010, one of the participants (former NATO secretary Willy Claes) shared a few words about it:

Each topic has a designated reporter who highlights the problem for approximately ten minutes. Then a discussion takes place and the reporting person makes notes of the meeting. The conclusion is then presented to the group again. The premise is that everyone will act on these conclusions in their own group of influence.

There is no question of any orders or mandatory adherence to any resolution. Only rough assumptions and suggestions are made. Still, conspiracy theorists say that every new entrant receives an ultimatum upon entry: you obey orders or face the consequences. This is unreliable – what motivation would these influencers have to attend these meetings at all?

The transparency of this private club is high – history knows many much more mysterious clubs. Even from the official website, we can learn many details. For example, here is the list of participants from last year . Most of them are representatives of business leaders, the press, and other impact groups. They are not inaccessible and mysterious people – some of them are quite easy to meet – e.g. at an industry conference and we can feel that we are communing with the mysterious ruler of the world.

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Conspiracy theories: are we ruled by the Bilderberg Club?