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I have always wanted to have a good quality Bluetooth headset that can let me get away from the boring time, and I have my own requirements to the headset such as cost-effective, small and user-friendly, battery life long, loud enough and best to single-ear. Before Xiaomi mi bluetooth headset I have used several Bluetooth headsets before, but none of them meet my standard, there are either weak performance on battery life, or sound is weak especially in noisy environment, I have hardly heard any sound from it. 

Compared to several products, Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset youth edition kit is the best fit for my requirements in terms of small size, single-ear, and most importantly it comes with charging base. It only cost me 99 yuan to buy this headset, the following I will show you how my experience in using this.  Get it the cheapest here!

Unboxing experience


White packaging box with transparent front plastic cover

Back of the box is information relate to Xiaomi Mi bluetooth headset 

Unboxed it and this is where I find the charging base

Family portraits: One single-ear headset, one charging base, one USB charging cable, 3 set of silicone earcap and one manual.

One of the disadvantages is charger not included, although I have few charger at home somehow I don’t like to mix-use the charger in different products, just feel this is not good for the device.

Easy carry charging base, you can charge the Xiaomi Mi bluetooth headset wherever you are, you do not need to worry about the durability. Charging base comes with 320am  built-in battery, can fully charge the Xiaomi bluetooth headset three times, so you can enjoy the fun of music whole day without worry about the battery life when you go out.

Anti-slipped material at the bottom of charging base with Mi LOGO

This compact and long cylinder shape Mi bluetooth headset has a simple design, no unnecessary component. There is an indicator at the bottom.

The external coating of the Xiaomi mi bluetooth headset is said to have used Japan’s Musashi paint, which can effectively prevent abrasion and oil stains, if it gets dirty you just need to gently wipe it away. The Mi bluetooth headset is skin-friendly too, and feeling good when holding it in hand. Some netizen has done an evaluation of anti-greasy effect, even oily pen stains can easily rub off, it is great.


Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset uses a detachable ear cap design, this unique ear cap made by medical grade silicone according to the 2000 Asian cochlear sampling design, and feel soft and comfortable when wearing it. It is awful smell free, and there are two alternate ear caps in different size for your choice.


The left side of the Mi bluetooth headset is the volume keys, you can adjust the volume here.

I think it is quite rational to put the charging port at the bottom of the headset, this kind of design does not affect the appearance and make it a little waterproof. 

The top is the power switch and answering buttons, it is very convenient for you to answer the call without press by mistake.

Follow the good tradition of Miui system, the Mi bluetooth headset is user-friendly, you will not get confused. The manual is also written intuitively, even stupid people can learn it very fast!


Remove the silicone ear cap, you can see the magnetized moving coil speaker, and the unique product ID and CMIIT ID printed at the edge.

The MIIT ID is referred to the radio transmitter model approval code. According to “Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on the Management of Radio Operation” the production and import of radio transmitting equipment need to carry out type approval on its emission characteristics and issue the “radio transmission equipment type approval certificate” and model approval code. The ex-factory equipment shall be marked with the model number Approval code.

After Pop science, we can see that Xiaomi product is strictly following the relevant state laws and regulations. 


The next step is to connect the Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset, you can see it when you activate bluetooth on your mobile phone, it is quite convenient.

After connected, there is the power bar of the headset showing in the top status bar, it is privilege of the Xiaomi Mi bluetooth headset in MIUI system, not supported by other brands headphones.



This is the official details images that show all the components of the Mi bluetooth headset, the appearance is a 7 words, very simple.


After full charging, the indicator turns blue, this is the time you unplug the USB cable.

Wearing Method

Since this is a single-ear headphones, if not worn it correctly it is very easy to fall, especially people like me who love running, if not master the skill, there are high chances the earphone will drop halfway I run. Finally, I figure out this is the most scientific way to wear it.


First twist the ear cap aside.

It should be on the silicon cap along the stretch and withstand the cochlear external auditory canal, to prevent falling and shifting. If the silicon cap is not worn properly, the Mi bluetooth headset can easily drop and lost. Another reason that the silicone cap may not fit comfortably into the cochlear may be the size is not right, you can test to see which size is the best fit for you.

Just like what the instructions summarize, you should “gently slide the earphone into the ear hole, and headset remains in the same position even you slightly shake the head” – how graceful summary!  


After use of a period of time, let me summarize it in several parts. 

Call: basically meet the call requirement, the voice is clear, no noise, but sometimes the volume is weak and I am totally no idea what causes it, but this problem rarely happened. When receiving incoming call, it will tell the number, but I do hope that it can directly broadcast the caller’s name, how wonderful is it! 

Sound quality: If you want to have a good sound quality, this is not the bluetooth headset that you want, I only can say that the sound quality is better than the shanzhai version headphones, tri-band completely mixed together, no bass. With this, you only can listen to songs, if you want better sound quality, you need to find other price range Xiaomi Mi bluetooth headphones. 

Durability: After Full charge and the maximum volume, you can continuously listen to nearly 4 hours, with the charging base I am confident to said that 12 hours is completely no problem.

Connection: I think Bluetooth signal is not stable, sometimes when I put it in pants pockets, there will be intermittent situation, but it reconnects very soon.

99 Yuan for the kit, let Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth headset youth version kit championing the market among the 100yuan similar products. Although the product is still not perfect, such a price is really a good deal, I recommend to buy it. Here is the best deal you can find online!

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