Change of plans. New Start Menu in Windows 10 in a quarter

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Transparent tiles and application markings, change of the ALT-TAB behavior … we expected these changes at the earliest in spring. Meanwhile, the news will go to Windows 10 20H2, which will appear this fall.

Just like last year, also this autumn update of Windows 10 was supposed to be symbolic. Windows 10 1909 introduced a trace number of novelties in relation to Windows 10 1903 , focusing mainly on technical cuts and in the form of a service patch. It was supposed to be the same with Windows 10 20H2, which was supposed to replace the current Windows 10 2004.

Meanwhile, the Windows 10 Beta test channel – in which Windows 10 20H2 is being tested – has received a compilation that introduces some of the novelties tested so far as part of the Windows 10 Dev test channel (we are usually to test future versions of Windows, not the closest one) ).

Windows 10 20H2 with transparent tiles in the Start Menu and browser tabs treated as applications.

The first of the changes is to water the tiles and application icons. For today, it either takes the form of a solid background with the color indicated as the leading one in the Windows settings, or it is dark gray. Along with Windows 10 20H2, it will become transparent, significantly and positively affecting the readability of the Start Menu.

There will also be a significant change in the operation of the application switching mechanism using the keyboard (ALT-TAB). With the new version of the system, browser tabs will be treated as separate applications and visible in the switch view as if they were separate panes. We can decide in the system settings whether we should see all tabs, the last five, the last three in the application switching view, or we can return to what it is now – i.e. treating the browser as one application. This feature only works with the Edge browser.

Similarly, only with Edge will the new preview of pinned sites work. These will also be treated as applications, so when you hover the cursor over them, a preview of all tabs related to the site will open, not just the active tab.

This is not the end of what’s new in Windows 10 20H2. Including visual.

Notifications will slightly change their form. The app’s name and icon now appear directly on the notification, not above it.

The System Information pane will also be changed. Until now, it was part of the Control Panel, but from fall it will be available in Settings.

When will Windows 10 20H2 arrive?

As the (new) nomenclature informs, the update will be released in the second half of 2020. Probably – if Microsoft sticks to its usual schedule – the first computers and tablets will receive the update around October.

Change of plans. New Start Menu in Windows 10 in a quarter