Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Review | This Is The Most Successful Xiaomi Mobile Phone.

On October 25, 2016, the debut of the Mi MIX emerged as the most unexpected thing of the new product release. The Mi MIX 2 heat released a year later is once again create the fervor and excitement among its fans, and even surpassed Xiaomi 6 in some ways. Six months after Mi MIX 2 […]

Redmi Note 5 Review! 8 Highlight of The Most Powerful Redmi Phone in History

The Redmi Note series has been endorsing Redmi since its launch in terms of performance and user experience, and the black technology used in many Xiaomi mobile phones applies to the Redmi series first and further developed to other models. So that Redmi Note series is almost invincible within the same price range products. Redmi […]

Just a dual Camera Phone? 10 Details Let You Fall in Love with Xiaomi Mi5X

Is Xiaomi Mi5X worth buying? This review will help you find the answer. Nowadays, more people rely on mobile phone’s camera to take photos. So, if the phone manufacturers do not pay importance to camera technology and experience, then they are likely to be out of the market. Whether it is a budget phone or […]

Xiaomi Mi Redmi 5A Released : Will It Be Another Ten Million Sells Product?

October 16 at 15:00 p.m. after releasing 10 Millions of –Redmi 4A-  Xiaomi released –Redmi-new product –Xiaomi Redmi 5A– and other customized versions. Xiaomi company cooperated with China mobile Terminal Company and created several 10 million 4G + strategic product .–Xiaomi Mi Redmi 5A-equipped with High-pass “Xiaolong”425 Quad-core processor, 5 Inch screen lightweight body, Built-in […]

In-depth Xiaomi Mi Note 3 Review, Xiaomi’s Best Camera Phone

I. Preface – The Larger version of Xiaomi Mi 6 and its available on open sale as well. Xiaomi’s flagship earlier this year, Xiaomi Mi 6 has received excellent reviews for its appearance and features, especially photography. According to a survey, six photos taken from various mobile phones, Huawei, iPhone, Xiaomi Mi 6 and others, […]

Why Is Xiaomi So Cheap With High Specs? CEO Lei Jun Reveal The Secrets!

In the annual CCTV2’s “China Economic Life Survey” for the year 2016-17, Xiaomi was rated as the most popular Chinese-made consumer brand, and Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun was named as the People’s Choice for innovative Chinese Entrepreneurs. He reveals secrets why Xiaomi products can be so cheap even with high specs In a speech before […]

Simple Way to Turn Your Xiaomi Phones Into Transparent Screen

In recent years, local and foreign Sci-Fi movies would feature transparent computer, tablet, mobile phone and other smart terminals. But how on Xiaomi phones? Ever since its release, the Xiaomi Mi Mix full screen concept phone has changed the status-quo of mobile phone homogenization. With Xiaomi being the leader in adopting cutting edge technologies, you […]

The Secret | Microcrystalline Zirconium Ceramic Material Used in Xiaomi Mi Mix 2?

What is the deal with the ceramic body of Xiaomi Mix 2? Ever since its release, Xiaomi Mix 2 has caught the attention of Xiaomi fans, domestic and international media. Featured with full-screen display and with high-performance, Xiaomi Mix 2 is rated as “The Coolest Mobile of 2017.” Xiaomi Mix 2 full unibody ceramic design […]

Full Screen phone 2017, iPhone x vs Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 – Who Win?

On September 12th, on the 10th anniversary of iPhone, Apple released iPhone X, along with Apple Watch, Apple TV, and iPhone 8/8 Plus. The iPhone X grabs the attention with its full screen display. For the first time, we hereby present a comprehensive comparison between the fullscreen phone of iPhone X vs Xiaomi Mi Mix […]