Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S Review | More Value Than Mi Air Purifier 2

You can smell the haze at the northern come along with the cool air. The winter in the north, the sky is always gray, even in daylight you can hardly have a clear vision on the road. Since nothing much we can do to improve outdoor air condition, what we can do is keep the […]

Mi Sports Bluetooth headset | Awake Your Low Profile in Extravagance Lifestyle

After using quite a number of headsets, I begin to have a unique understanding and own expectation to the headsets. I have a deep understanding of Xiaomi headsets, which included its eco-chain enterprise self-owned headsets, and I sincerely love and recommend Mi Sports Bluetooth headset, it is so convenient. As compared to other brands Bluetooth […]

30 Days Ultra long durability! Xiaomi Mijia Portable Electric Mi Shaver Review

Recently, Mi companies and its ecosystem partners have introduced many new products, since the Double 11 is in the corner, that is a good timing to buy this “little toy” Xiaomi Mi Shaver that cost less than 200 yuan and I will show you about some criteria of this product.  Get it the cheapest here!  Chapter […]

Xiaomi Ninebot Plus self-balancing Scooter Review – Pros and Cons

Nowadays, people are trying various things. The self-balancing scooter is a very youthful and beautiful to move freely and popular among young men and women. By the end of June, Xiaomi launched the new version of Ninebot series self-balancing scooter, Xiaomi Ninebot plus self-balancing Scooter . Compared to its predecessor, the most intuitive difference is […]

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2 Review | An essential for the laid back

On September 19, Xiaomi MiJia’s robot technology research and development team officially released Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2. This time it was marketed under its own brand, Roborock, perhaps to strengthen the brand name and open new markets. Compared to its predecessor, the floor mop function is added, further enhancing the functionality.In this article […]

Compact and user-friendly | Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Headset Review

Foreword I have always wanted to have a good quality Bluetooth headset that can let me get away from the boring time, and I have my own requirements to the headset such as cost-effective, small and user-friendly, battery life long, loud enough and best to single-ear. Before Xiaomi mi bluetooth headset I have used several […]

Yeelight Xiaomi Night Light: Just a Step and Sparks a Light Illuminate On You

Imagine a scene, you get up at night and you want to go to the toilet, you know you need to switch on the light but you don’t want to disturb on family members that still in sleep. What if you go to the toilet without any light? That is a chance you wake the […]

Mi AI Speaker Review | Compact and Beautiful, New fashion for Smart Technology

Mi AI speaker is a smart speaker released by Xiaomi on July 26, 2017. It is jointly developed by Mi TV team, Mi Brain R&D team and Xiaomi Explore Lab. Mi use a  “Little AI classmates” as Mi AI speaker wake words. It is pleasure to have a chance to test use immediately after it […]

Mi Pen – a signature experience and a cost-effective option

As the first signature pen of the company, Mi Pen has drawn much attention from everyone. When Mi Eco-Chain Enterprise launched this xiaomi pen for 19 Yuan, nobody thought that it would spread like a wildfire, that they were out of stock in no time at the Xiaomi Mijia Stores, and people were purchasing it […]