Cameras under rolled up screens. This is how the new Huaweia smartphones will look

Huawei has received a patent for two smartphones with a strongly bent screen and a selfie camera located under the display panel. Perhaps we are just looking at the Huawei P50 and Mate 50 models.

Despite the very tense situation on the Huawei – Trump line, the Chinese manufacturer does not intend to release new models from the premieres. We are already after the premiere of the P40 series , including the very well priced P40 Lite model . We can expect the debut of Huaweia Mate 40 Pro in the second half of the year.

The new smartphones do not have Google services, but when it comes to software, Huawei is trying to make up for this lack with its own app store. In terms of hardware, on the other hand, the equipment is more refined than ever, and the future promises to be even more interesting. Let’s Go Digital editors have reached patents showing two upcoming Huaweia smartphones.

Renders show two top Huaweie. We are probably looking at the P50 and Mate 50 series here.

This is what Huawei smartphones with a selfie camera under the screen will look like

If the patented design is used in smartphones, it will definitely go to the highest-end devices. The P50 Pro and Mate 50 Pro series immediately come to mind.

Patent applications were filed on October 28, 2019, and they were published today (June 2, 2020). Both applications present very similar devices, differing in the arrangement of cameras on the back. In one it resembles the layout of the Huawei P30 Pro and P40 Pro models, while in the other it looks almost identical to that of the Huaweiu Mate 30 Pro.

The new Huawei smartphones look extremely futuristic.

This is what Huawei smartphones with a selfie camera under the screen will look like

The screen covers the entire front of the devices. The side frames do not actually exist because the screen extends all the way to the back of smartphones. The whole front is a great display surface.

It is worth noting that we do not even see the front camera. I can’t imagine Huawei giving up on it, especially the COVID-19 era, when we use cams and video calls more often than ever through remote work. The only explanation is to place the camera under the screen.

Such technology has been developed for several years by Xiaomi, Vivo, but also Samsung. There were several prototypes of devices with a working camera placed under the screen, but these were only curiosities. The introduction of such a solution on the market seems to be only a matter of time, so it is possible that this will happen next year, with the premieres of P50 and Mate 50.

Another surprise on the housing is the lack of physical volume buttons. On the upper wall we see only the switch. The volume will probably be adjusted by touch, directly on the screen wrapped around the side edge. For Huawei this is not a complete novelty, because such a solution has already hit the Mate 30 Pro.

Is the industry just reaching the ceiling?

Since the entire front of the device is a screen, or de facto we are looking at a glowing rectangle without frames and indents, what else can you come up with in the design of smartphones? With the classic shape it seems that we are looking at the final design .

The next steps are folding smartphones … or maybe a completely different, new product category? The world is waiting for the next big thing . Who knows, maybe a new breakthrough will be announced intelligent glasses, which Apple is expected to show next year.

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Cameras under rolled up screens. This is how the new Huaweia smartphones will look