Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker V2 Review and User Experience

The music is essential no matter at home or traveling, so a good speaker is very important. Xiaomi Bluetooth Speaker V2 is a good speaker that suits your need. It is artwork on the table that can play melody and also a good traveling companion that gives you the atmosphere of nature. Good design and good sound quality, […]

Xiaomi Thermostat Electric Kettle | Discover The “Great Wisdom” of Boiling Water.

Why to buy Xiaomi Water Kettle? Users who use electric kettles at home will inevitably encounter the following dilemmas: You want to drink a cup of hot water to warm your body during winter but you found out that the boiling water has long been cool; When the desire to drink something delicious arose, but […]

Wish To Be Your “Brightest Star In The Night”, Xiaomi Portable Flashlight Review.

Foreword A flashlight is an emergency tool that everyone should have one at home, whether it is the old-fashioned ordinary light bulb flashlight or the newly LED flashlight, it is very helpful during a power failure. Of course, flashlight becomes more indispensable in case you want to go for wild camping. For this kind of […]

Xiaomi Type C Adapter | Xiaomi USB C to HDMI Multi-function Device

【Introduction】 One of the unavoidable problems by using an ultra-slim notebook is that there are too few expansion ports, even Mi notebook will encounter a similar problem. Although it provided USB-A and HDMI ports, in some scenarios, you still have to plug in and off for switch between the different device to meet the needs […]

Xiaomi Wiha Screwdriver Set | A Good Helper That Assists You to Solve All the Troubles

As a boy, I just love to play something that related to the mechanical since I was a child, maybe this is due to nature of boy. From the small things like four-wheel drive toys that I used to play as a kid(I think most people should know – it is an animation I watched […]

Xiaomi Smart 1080p WIFI IP Camera | It Is Safer to be Guarded by Smart Camera

In the year 2017, Xiaomi had been released two more new Mi eco-chain products which are Mi body fat smart scale and Xiaomi smart camera 1080P wifi ip camera respectively in its Mi Pinecone chipset new products launching ceremony. CCTV Xiaomi IP camera supports 1080p Full HD video capture, equipped with 130 ° wide-angle lens, […]

Xiaomi Smart Socket | Make The Traditional Household Appliances More Intelligent

【Introduction】 Do you ever forgot to turn off the home appliances or power supply at home while you go outstation? I believe many people had experienced such awkward moments before. If totally forget about this, you will feel okay but how if you suddenly remember that you forgot to do this important thing and you […]

Xiaomi Capsule Earphone Review: Comfortable to Wear & Enjoy music with a style

Foreword  When we decide which type of in-ear headphones, it is always the sound quality that the first priority but beside the sound quality, to listen in comfort also is essential for the headphones. After experiencing the Mi In-ear headphones and Mi In-ear headphones Pro, it is undeniable that these two headphones did a good […]

Which headphones best match your boyfriend? Give the best headphones that suitable for him

Introduction: Headphones have always been the best gift for your boyfriend and good quality headphones is an essential tool that to experience an ultimate musical experience.  Most people only consider the price or brands when buying headphones, but actually every headphone has its own characteristics and just like clothes and shoes, if you buy correct headphones […]

Xiaomi Mi WiFi Amplifier 2 Review: Dual Antenna, More Power in Enhance WiFi Signal!

WiFi amplifier, if I not wrong is invented by Xiaomi, at first it is only a USB powered small devices that effectively emplify the signal strength of the WiFi. It can be said that it is extremely convenient for consumers that you only a little cost to amplify WiFi coverage area. As first generation of Xiaomi Mi […]