As the mobile phone market collapses, Xiaomi does not stop growing

After the first reports showing the continued growth of Xiaomi despite the current economic crisis caused by COVID-19, it is now the Gartner agency who is showing us again that Xiaomi is the only mobile phone manufacturer that continues to grow .

And it is that, with an overall market decline of -20.2% globally for the first quarter of 2020, Xiaomi has been the only manufacturer to show positive growth year after year. Nothing to do with Samsung or Huawei, whose sales have dropped by -27% in the case of the latter.

To be exact, according to Gartner reports, Samsung has seen its market share decrease , year after year, by -22.7%, continuing to lead but now with a share of 18.5%. Next we find Huawei, whose sharp decline in sales places it with a share of 14.2%.

Xiaomi continues to grow and Apple is one of the least affected brands

Beyond these first two manufacturers we find Apple. In his case, even with a significant decrease in sales of -8.2% , it becomes one of the brands that has suffered the least from COVID-19.

As the mobile phone market collapses, Xiaomi continues to grow. Xiaomi  News

Global sales report by Gartner (June 2020).

Next, in fourth place globally we find Xiaomi. In his case, it is positioned as the only mobile phone manufacturer capable of supporting the situation , growing month after month until achieving a positive increase in sales of 1.4% .

Both Oppo and the rest of secondary brands have suffered greatly, both due to the slowdown in the market and the current health and economic crisis.

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Without a doubt, a serious stumbling block for the global mobile phone market, where only Xiaomi tries to continue growing, year after year, month after month.

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