Apple iPhone 12: Production is 2 months behind schedule, should be halved

Apple iPhone 12 production is 2 months behind schedule and should be halved. These are the latest rumors about Apple’s next iPhone.

So far, Apple has always presented its new iPhone models in September. It won’t be anything this year, Corona also got in the way of the Cupertino company. But there are still other problems.

This has the manufacturers about two months behind the usual schedule thrown . Nevertheless, you are working flat out to keep to the plan. However, there should be no postponement of the release.

When is the iPhone 12 release?

So maybe Apple will show the iPhone 12 in September, but then only show it and start selling later. Because, according to the current status, hardly enough devices are likely to be in stock in September.

It is therefore possible that the sale will not start until October. Or else that Aplle will not be launching the iPhone 12 until October. As you know, the manufacturer does not allow himself to be looked into the cards.

It is also suspected that Apple is said to have halved the production of the new generation of iPhone. This is said to be due to a significantly lower purchasing power. And nothing would be worse than that the new models remain on the shelves in abundance.

Only 20 million iPhone 12 planned?

So instead of 30 to 40 million units of the iPhone 12 , the supply chain corrects its predictions to 15 to 20 million.

Of course, this is not official, so you should always be a bit skeptical. but the crisis should not leave Apple unaffected either. Therefore, only Apple knows what is going on and what is just rumors.

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