Apparently, Huawei cannot use Android 11 (yet)

Is there a problem with Android 11 on Huawei? Can the manufacturer not access the new Android version because of the sanctions? Actually unlikely, because Android is open source.

Huawei today introduced EMUI 11 . However, in contrast to the complex and also common with Huawei, the new version of the user interface is not based on the new Android 11 , but on Android 10.

It will probably take a lot longer before Huawei can present an EMUI version based on Android 11. Because you don’t have any Google licenses, you won’t be able to access the latest version in advance.

In the meantime Android 11 has also landed in the AOSP, so Huawei should now get to work to expand EMUI to the new Android 11. But it will take months before there are finished versions.

And of course Huawei falls further behind. And the question arises as to whether the manufacturer will then also bundle the resources in the updates to Android 11 if you rely on HarmonyOS from 2021 anyway ?!

Certainly an uncertain time for current users of Huawei and Honor smartphones. The manufacturer should then quickly express itself.

But maybe you have already decided internally to give up the western markets and only continue in China?

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