Android 11 forces users to use the standard camera app

If you’re used to using third-party camera applications (or unofficial ports from Google’s camera application), there may be an unpleasant surprise with Android 11.

As reported by the Android Police, Google has now confirmed that it will abolish camera selection for third-party apps in the next Android 11 iteration. Android 11 users will have to rely on the "pre-installed system camera app" when a third-party app wants to take a photo or video. Developers who want to allow third-party cameras must explicitly specify alternative apps or their components.

Google declared this step as an offer to "protect the privacy and security of our users". An attacker could theoretically install a malicious camera application on the phone and steal photos or other sensitive information from the applications.

But that’s not necessarily a dramatic setback. Usually you can switch to your favorite apps, take a picture and share it from the photo gallery. It is just a little more cumbersome than storing another camera app as the default.

Google is in a difficult position where it must weigh the increasing security threats against the convenience of users. And then you have to take such steps.


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