A nicer Start Menu and a personalized taskbar. Here are the new features in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20161

Members of the Windows Insider program got access to the new version of Microsoft. We are looking at what’s new in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20161.

Microsoft has just released a brand new test build of its operating system on the Dev channel. Although there is no guarantee that all of the features added in it will go to the next production version of Windows 10, and actually may not appear in it at all, but enthusiasts and programmers have the opportunity to look at what they are sweating at present Redmond engineers.

PS Not all new features will reach all program members at the same time, Microsoft makes them available in waves

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20161 – what’s new?

New in the Start Menu

Users after uploading the new build will see the changes in the start menu. Its design has been simplified and the uniform background under the application logo on the list has disappeared. They were replaced by a partially transparent background, which gives the best effect with icons using Fluent Design, including Microsoft Office, Edge browser and numerous system applications. When making changes, both the light and dark modes were taken into account, and in the latter case you can choose the theme color that will give the frame and tiles an accent.

ALT-TAB menu refreshed

There were also changes to the multitasking menu, where all tabs from the browser will be displayed, not just one active from each window, although this function can be turned off and you can choose to display only the last three or five tabs. To use it, you need to use Microsoft Edge version Canary or Dev (83.0.475.0 or higher) and have some luck – at the beginning everyone will not have access to it.

Taskbar perosalization

Microsoft will be investigating which of the default Taskbar settings will work best in practice for new accounts. Microsoft strives for minimalism and does not want users to feel that someone is pushing their bloatware.

Easier notification handling

From now on, the toast notification will contain the application logo and the X button will appear in the corner allowing it to be quickly rejected. Windows 10 will also stop displaying the Focus Assist and toast notification with a summary, but you can turn it back on in settings.

Improved Settings menu

The next elements of the Control Panel will go to the Settings | menu System About the system. The device information can be easily copied and people who need more data can still get to the old type menu.

New in tablet mode

After disconnecting the keyboard, the 2-in-1 device will no longer display a notification that requires a click to change into an interface adapted to tablets with some improvements to touch operation – the change will occur automatically. Tablet mode also disappears from the quick settings menu on devices without a touch screen, and Windows 10 will detect the presence of the keyboard at boot and select the operating mode accordingly.

Windows Insider – patches and known bugs

Microsoft has fixed numerous errors related to, among others controller support from the Xbox console and the installation of games and applications. User logout was also accelerated, the function of resetting the computer to factory settings from the settings level was improved and the display of the charge status of devices connected via Bluetooth was improved.

Errors related to crashing microphone settings have also been corrected when some type of win32 application was recording sound and sound settings will not be released after clicking on the message that no input devices were found. Similar defects have also been removed from the printer menu, but unfortunately not all errors have been eliminated, and the list of known can be viewed on the Microsoft website .

Microsoft has also prepared a new installment of the Windows Insider website. This is currently available in English.

A nicer Start Menu and a personalized taskbar. Here are the new features in Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20161


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