A little telephone, a little propeller. The eccentric LG Wing captured on video

lg wing

Do any of us need a phone that allows for very comfortable typing on the screen keyboard while displaying the image horizontally? LG thinks so. Here’s the Wing, one of the weirdest phones of the year.

LG is not doing the best in the mobile phone market, despite great results in many other product categories. No wonder that he is looking for new ideas that will allow him to stand out from the crowd and make them as eagerly considered when buying as the iPhone, Galaxy or Mi.

One such idea is the prototype temporarily called Wing. We heard about it for the first time in May, but we knew little beyond the general outline of the concept. The wing is to hide a second screen under the display that can be used after turning it. But why?

This is revealed to us by the video clip showing LG Wing in action.

The person testing the prototype used it as a navigation system in a car. The main screen has Google Maps, and the additional screen shows the caller or the multimedia controls. It is undoubtedly more convenient and safer than using a normal phone while driving – the less we click on the phone while driving, the better. However, it is not clear whether in everyday situations it is so necessary for us to choose Wing over a classic telephone.

Unfortunately, we still don’t know exactly what the way to hide and slide out the second display looks like. We also don’t know anything about the technical specifications of the phone except that it is supposed to be compatible with 5G. Intrigued, we wait impatiently.

A little telephone, a little propeller. The eccentric LG Wing captured on video