Xiaomi Mi Smart Scale Review | A good product that can be weighed and recorded your whole family weight

The weighing scale is a classification of the weighing instrument.Usually, we can divide it into mechanical and electronic type, it is cheap and can help people monitor their weight changes effectively. Weighing scales can accurately weigh the body’s weight, and through daily body weight changes, reflect weight control over a period of time. Weight management is […]

Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth Speakers 2, It Does Better Than The First Generation!

▶▶ Do you still remember Xiaomi first-generation Bluetooth speaker – small steel gun? With a compact body, good sound quality and manage to maintain a cost-effective price! The upgrade and iteration of the Xiaomi square box series can only be realized by this kind of perseverance! Speaking of today’s protagonist – Xiaomi Mi Bluetooth speakers 2, it […]

Xiaomi Mitu Builder Block Infinite Finger Spinner Fidget

Infinite flip, simple and stylish appearance, compact and portable — Xiaomi toy block Today I would like to introduce an upgraded version of the MITU Block Robot ~ Xiaomi Mitu builder block. Get it the cheapest here! Xiaomi toy block Material: ABS Xiaomi toy block weight: 50g Xiaomi toy block size: 103 * 71 * […]

Xiaomi Air Humidifier | Smart Humidification, Adding Value to a Healthy Life!

Winter arrived, some people dramatically describe that the north is dry and cold, just like physical attack while the south is wet and cold, belonging to the magic attack. And as a southerner, I feel cold everywhere in the winter, and even in the south, the air is not as humid as everyone imagines. It is […]

Small Size With Big Capacity – User Experience On A Portable Mi Cup.

Foreword The first impression that the thermal cup gives to people is its huge body and small capacity, which can only be used at home, but it is inconvenient to carry around. With the development and progress of science and technology, the size of the thermal cup is getting smaller and smaller. When talking about a good […]

Xiaomi Mi Smart Temperature And Humidity Sensor | Just a Glance And You Know About The Temperature And The Humidity

Winter is coming. For the sake of keeping warm in the room, it is often necessary to turn on the air conditioner or the heater. This also causes the indoor environment to become dry and causing discomfort in throat and nose. Temperature and relative humidity are two important factors affecting body comfort. Therefore, it is necessary […]