Is It Worthy to Buy? Xiaomi Mi Speaker Bluetooth 4.0 Review

Xiaomi is well known for its innovative products at affordable prices, especially their audio product portfolio which consists of headphones, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, audio receivers and lot more. We are a fan of these funky audio products. Today we are taking a closer look at one of the coolest Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker – Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 speaker. This one is a round metal body speaker supporting Bluetooth v4.0. The design is aesthetic and performance, given the size, is unbeatable. The speaker comes with an inbuilt microphone which helps in attending calls and we found it really helpful. Get it the cheapest here!

The Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 speaker comes in a standard white box with the product image on the top. On the sides is the product information i.e. This speaker supports Bluetooth version 4.0, a built-in rechargeable battery which is of course non-removable, Xiaomi’s claims 4 hours of battery backup and is capable of handling calls too with its inbuilt microphone. The speaker is mere 58g in weight and comes in three colors – Star Grey, Champagne Gold and Metal Silver. The box contains – An user manual and the speaker itself, no charging cable here.


The first thing one can notice is the size, this is so small and you may wonder what will be the sound performance but worry not we gonna talk about that too in a while. Coming back to the design, this speaker is fitted in a metal shell with a rubber bottom. The dimension goes like this – 52 x 52 x 25mm and it weighs 58g only. This speaker can easily sit on your palm. The grill is on the top where the sound is emitted. On the bottom is the power button, a rubber pad for a good grip, Mi branding, some stickers and mini USB charging port. The power button helps to switch on and off the device. Interesting thing, The speaker comes with a lanyard hole, which is very helpful in carrying this gadget. 

The Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 speaker looks really premium and classy, this is something you want to show to the world. The metal body gives it a shiny look, something which is missing is other cheap plastic speakers. With only one button on the whole speaker, the speaker is pretty clean looking. The design is aesthetic and the speaker easily blends with the decor when used on a table. However, there is no 3.5mm or a micro-sd card slot and there is no volume rockers too. 


Looking at this tiny speaker, you may not expect a lot but appearances can be deceptive and here they actually are. Setting up is pretty easy, simply turn on the speaker and search it on your smartphone via Bluetooth to connect. The first time we turned this little monster on, we were shocked. How can such a small gadget make so much sound and that too so crisp and clear. The sound on this one is really nice, you cannot expect good bass. In the loudness and clarity department you won’t be disappointed. The speaker can easily handle highs and lows and will be a treat to hear your favorite chartbusters. The built-in microphone is cherry on the cake. It comes really handy while taking long calls or when you are too tired to pick up your smartphone. 

Coming to battery, Xiaomi claims a battery life of 4 hours. The speaker has got a small battery and it charges up quickly. If you are wondering about battery indication. The battery is shown on your Mi device itself, in the notification bar. Compared to other Mi Bluetooth Speakers this one is the smallest till now but not on performance. 


Xiaomi products are known for its high quality and low prices and this product checks both the boxes. To be precise, this is that one Xiaomi product you ought to have. Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 speaker is also the smallest in the Xiaomi speaker family, small enough to fit in your pocket or sit on your palm. The built quality like any other Xiaomi product is top notch. But the surprise came in when the speaker was turned on. We were really not expecting such a good and loud performance. The sound quality is pretty amazing. In the battery department also, the speaker is not disappointing. 

This is an ideal product if you listen to a lot of music or you travel a lot and looking for a portable speaker, this is one is for you. This round speaker is also an ideal desk speaker and accessory. We also recommend this product as an ideal gift for birthdays or other occasions. Given the price and size, this is that one Mi gadget you really need to have right now! Here is the best deal you can find online!

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