Is It Worth To Buy? Xiaomi Amazif Pace

Xiaomi is not just a smartphone brand anymore, they have a product portfolio touching a lot of industries like kitchen appliances, audio accessories, air and water purifiers and lot more. However, Xiaomi is not doing all this alone but they have their ecosystem which comprises of a lot of subsidiary companies. One of the them is Huami, a Xiaomi company working in the fitness sector. Huami’s most successful products are the Amafitsmartwatches. The first version released under this brand name was the Amazift PACE. A round shape smartwatch with all the fitness tracker features and lot more. This Xiaomi product costs around $200, a lot cheaper than any other smartwatch out there. But is it really useful and worth your attention. We gonna find out in our review of the Amazfit Pace by Xiaomi. Get it the cheapest here!



The Amazfit Pace comes in a round shape with an LCD touchscreen display upfront which is surrounded by a dark ceramic bezel. There is a physical button on the top-right edge, which is the home button and also wakes the device. This complete package is beautiful to look at, the watch feels really premium and the ceramic bezel adds durability to the smartwatch. 

The display on this watch is a 1.34-inch transflective color LCD display, with a resolution of 320 x 300. The display is rich and impressive to look at, it performs well indoors as well outdoors. Since this is a transflective display, the more light hits the screen, the better it is to read outdoors. The watch comes with an orange rubber strap which is made of high-quality material making it comfortable to wear it all day long. The watch comes with an IP67 rating which makes it water and dust resistant. 

The watch is equipped with a touchscreen but that is not usable until it is activated using the physical button on the watch. This is a letdown and also an annoying thing to poke a button every time you want to use this watch. The screen is not usable even when a notification is received and the screen wakes up itself. You can raise your wrist and the screen will come to life but even then the touchscreen is not activated, which disappoints us. A lot of other smartwatches do have this functionality of using the watch right away without pushing a button and we wish we had the same with this XiaomiAmazfit Pace too.



This GPS enabled watch comes with a lot of loaded features and it can track your steps, distance traveled, calories burnt, heart rate and sleep. Talking about tracking, the watch is pretty accurate when compared to other fitness gears like Fitbit. While in active mode, the watch displays quite a bit of information on the screen, you can check your workout time, calories burned, speed, cadence, distance, pace per mile, heart rate, as well as your GPS route. The distance and route tracking is spot on this smartwatch thanks to built-in GPS. 

The optical heart rate sensor on the Amazfit Pace is also very accurate and useful in maintaining your overall fitness data. The way the data is presented to the user is worth mentioning here, it is detailed and crisp and extremely useful for an athlete or someone who is a fitness enthusiast. The watch automatically records your sleep too and you don’t have to tell it that you going to sleep. You can view the stats about your sleep on the watch itself showing deep sleep and light sleep in detail. Talking about sleep, the watch also has a silent alarm feature, just like any other fitness tracked but what sets this watch apart is the vibration motor on this one is really good and works flawlessly.

The smartwatch shows your notification flawlessly on the screen and that too from any app that is installed on your smartwatch. The Amazfit Pace comes with a 4GB internal storage out of which 2GB is what is available to the user. The onboard storage helps in adding some music to the watch which can be further connected to your Bluetooth earphones. So next time you go for a run, you can leave your smartphone at home and enjoy your music hassle-free. Also connecting your Bluetooth headphones to this watch is a breeze. The watch can also remind you to move if you have been sitting for a long time, using its move reminder feature. 

Xiaomi claims a five-day battery life in heavy usage and 11 days battery life in basic usage, and its quite accurately said. You can extend the battery life by minimizing the use of heart rate sensor and GPS. Charging this device is pretty easy with the charging cradle available with the smartwatch.



The Amazfit Pace is a feature loaded smartwatch and worth the price you for it. The device comes with a with a built-in GPS, heart rate monitor, support for smartphone notifications and a beautiful touchscreen display, which is a lot given the price. 

But an in-depth analysis of the watch brings out some negatives which cannot be ignored. The software is still buggy and needs major improvements. The competition is tough in the smartwatch market and the Amazfit fades away a bit compared to the Moto or Garminsmartwatches. However, the built quality and the battery performance of this device is amazing and if you are ready to turn away from the cons, we totally recommend you this smart watch from Xiaomi. Here is the best deal you can find online!


Is It Worth to Buy, Xiaomi Mi TV Box Review

The home entertainment market is a place which is getting a lot of attention nowadays and it is getting crowded everyday passing with new entrants from around the world. The race to make your ordinary TV smart is getting tougher day by day but the consumer is the one who is getting the benefit due to competitive prices. Xiaomi too entered this segment with their very own Mi TV Box which is in direct competition with Google’s Chromecast and Amazon’s Fire TV Stick. The Mi TV Box is quite cheap compared to other brands. Given the price, the Mi TV Box gives you full access to Android TV apps, cast streaming capabilities, decent specs and a voice control remote. The complete package is very appealing but is it really that good? We gonna find out in a detailed review. Get the cheapest price here!



The Mi Box is round body which is merely four inches wide and about three inches tall, making it very convenient to use and fit anywhere gadget. Since the device comes with a Bluetooth remote, you can put the Mi box behind your TV and it will still work seamlessly. The device is powered by Amlogic quadcore cortex-A53 processor and for graphics we have Mail 450 GPU. We also get 2GB RAM and 8GB of internal storage. For connectivity, we have got an HDMI port, a headphone jack, a power adapter port and a USB port. No ethernet port here, which can be a disappointment for many. Just like any other Xiaomi gadget, the design of the Mi box is kept minimal and clean. A “Mi” logo is placed on the top with a white LED on the front. 

The Mi Box remote is something to talk about. It is a lightweight, easy to use remote with as less buttons as possible. Talking about buttons, we have a directional pad with center select button, home and back buttons, a voice command button, volume up and down, and a power button. The remote is Bluetooth enabled, so it works without line of sight and even when the box is hidden behind walls. It uses AAA batteries for power which makes it a bit chunky. The remote doubles up as a voice controller with a mic on the top, using it may feel like using a mic on stage. What is missing is a headphone jack, which could have made the package even more lucrative.



The Mi box offers effortless basic Android TV interface and uninterrupted streaming video apps. Gaming is enjoyable but does not expect heavy titles to work flawlessly. Mi box can handle 2D textures and light 3D perfectly but as you put on intense titles to play, you will notice frame drops and lags more often. The same issues were faced during complex cast tasks too. The Bluetooth remote voice search is not perfect and sometimes crashes Google Play services. The Mi box needs some tweaks and there are a lot of departments for improvements. 

While the Mi Box is not pre-rooted and we didn’t expect it to be, non-Play store apps can be installed with a security setting. Screenshots can be taken with quick shortcuts and use Bluetooth accessories like a mouse, keyboard or gamepads is also easy. The Mi Box also supports A2DP Bluetooth audio and comes with Android 6.0 out of the box.



The Mi TV Box is an awesome device but it isn’t what Xiaomi is known for. There are more negatives with this device then positives. The price is very competitive but the functionality isn’t that great. The market for Mi TV Box is also very small especially in markets where Mi TV is available. The competition to this device are many and they are kind of good too, especially the Chromecast and the Amazon Fire TV. The Mi TV is definitely a product for die-hard Mi fans or Android fans and also who want something which won’t hurt their pocket. We agree that the Chromecast lacks a remote but then the next in line Amazon Fire TV strikes off that con too. 

Xiaomi Mi TV Box is a very unique and affordable device which will appeal to a limited audience only. Also the device’s lack of performance makes it poor competitor in front of the Google Chromecast and Amazon TV. Here is the best deal you can find online!

Is It Worth to Buy, Xiaomi Gaming Laptop Review!

In the past 8 years, Xiaomi has emerged as a global leader in the technology space. The company which started with its own operating system based on android named – MIUI, soon started selling smartphones and now offers a wide range of tech gadgets.  The company’s product portfolio is wider than ever and includes Mi TVs, Mi fitness products like the Mi band, Mi audio accessories, Mi kitchen appliances, Mi Wi-Fi routers and many more. The latest addition to the product portfolio was the Mi laptops last year and this year the company has taken another step in the same direction by launching their very own Mi Gaming Laptop. This beautiful piece of technology was announced alongside Mi Mix 2s and the co-founder of the company, Lei Jun, called it a ‘performance monster’, but is it really that good? Let’s find out in our in-depth review. Get the cheapest price here!


Gaming laptops are supposed to look heavy and scary but this one from Xiaomi is just another laptop which looks as beautiful as a normal Mi laptop. This gaming laptop too is clean to look at with no Mi branding and has a grey color body like the Mi Notebook Pro. The heat dissipation system on this laptop is worth talking about. The new system developed by Xiaomi has increased heat dissipation area by 50% thanks to the stainless steel used in the grid which provides 46% larger opening rate. The TORNADO key on the laptop pushes the laptop to full capacity, cooling it 3-5 degree Celsius within 10 minutes. 

The laptop is equipped with a 15.6 inch IPS screen with a 1920x1080px screen resolution. The laptop supports 72% NTSC color gamut and 178 degrees wide viewing angle. The bezel is just 9.9 mm thick and you also get a camera on the top of the display. The keyboard is backlit and looks stunning with 16 million colors underneath the keys. Just like any other laptop, we have a touchpad too which is quite smooth and responsive. 

The laptop comes with a ton of connectivity options, there are four USB 3.0 Type-A ports, a headphone jack and an all-in-one card reader. We also have a Gigabit RJ45 cable interface, HDMI2.0 interface, USB Type-C and round charging port on the back. The Xiaomi Gaming Laptop comes with Windows 10 and Office 2016 installed. The sound quality is also very nice, thanks to Dolby Surround sound system and two 3W speakers.



We expect great specs when it comes to gaming laptops and Xiaomi has done justice here. The Xiaomi Gaming Laptop is powered by the seventh-generation i7 Intel processor, which is a quad-core processor with a frequency of 2.8 GHz and it can reach a maximum of 3.8 GHz on turbo mode. The laptop comes with up to 16 GB DDR4 RAM and up to 256 GB SSD, However the 1 TB hard disk storage is standard on all models. For graphics, it is equipped with NVIDIA GTX 1060 and 6GB of GDDR5 memory. One of the models also uses a GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GPU. 

Talking about performance, this laptop easily runs games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Far Cry 5, Call of Duty and others. There were no lag or frame drops even when the games ran on the highest settings. It is a breeze to play games on this beast. The experience is so immersive, you will hardly leave this laptop to rest. The laptop does get heated up but the turbo mode cooling helps a lot. Importantly the laptop doesn’t heat near the palm area which makes it comfortable to use all the time. Lei Jun, during the launch event, said this gaming laptop can be brought to work too, and he was right. Though this is a gaming laptop it is a really powerful laptop capable of running some heavy premium work software and will come handy for graphic designers and video editors too.



Xiaomi Gaming Laptop stands apart from the competition, all credit goes to its minimalistic design and great specs. This is actually what you expect from Xiaomi, just like all other Xiaomi products, this one too is a bang for your buck. The laptop may not look that aggressive as a gaming laptop should be, but that’s what Xiaomi does, make things differently and more user-friendly.  

In the performance department, the laptop checks all boxes and delivers what you expect from it. The heat dissipation system is unique and it works wonders. The laptop may fall short on the processor side as there is no 8th generation model till now but the Xiaomi Gaming Laptop does it job of a gaming laptop as it should. The availability of the laptop is still a question as it only available in China for the moment but it will be an awesome product and will be well received by the audience all over the world. Here is the best deal you can find online!


Is It Worth to Buy? Xiaomi Mi Drone 4K Review!

We have seen a lot of Xiaomi smartphones and gadgets in the past but today we have probably the most interesting of them all, we are reviewing the Xiaomi Drone 4K Edition. Earlier we saw a standard Xiaomi drone with 1080p video recording capability but the users wanted more and Xiaomi as always heard it’s Mi fans, launching a 4K version with around 400 optimizations and 5 major hardware updates. This 4K edition costs 2999 Yuan. Now there are plenty of drone manufacturers available in the market and some of them have made a really good name for themselves like DJI. So is this drone by Xiaomi worth buying and stands on Xiaomi’s standard of providing great specs at affordable prices. Get the cheapest price here. We gonna find out in an in-depth review below.



The design of the 4K edition is very similar to the previous one but what sets it apart is the gold detailing. The body is made of plastic and seems very delicate but appearances can be deceptive, the drone is super tough and quite strong. The mixture of white and gold gives this drone a very classy look.

The body is just like any other drone in cross-form shape with four propellers fixed to the motors at the end of drone’s arms. We have LED lights below all four propellers with different colors for direction indication. The LED light function is similar to what we see on ships and airplanes.

On the back is the battery pack with a golden button and LED lights for battery indication, very similar to Xiaomi power banks. The battery indication works even when the battery is not attached to the drone, which is very useful. 

Below we have the camera which appears like a huge eye and seems very powerful yet delicate. The camera mount is well built and the drone comes with 3-axis stabilization which works wonders in recording stable photoage. 

Then we have the usual landing gear or legs of the drone. These two are made of really good quality material and is shaped like a triangle. The landing legs are not fixed and can be folded with a button to make the drone more portable. The complete package is so flexible that it can fit in a backpack easily and can be taken everywhere on your shoulder. 

A drone is incomplete without a compatible remote control or RC. The Xiaomi Drone 4K remote is equally good and useful as the drone itself. The aesthetics of the remote is similar to the drone, it’s a white remote with golden details. There are two antennas, a ‘return to home’ button, two levers which are quite big and gives proper grip, a power button, battery status and an automatic landing and take off button. We also have two programmable wheel button on the top. On the back of the remote are two more buttons for taking photos and recording videos. Using a support clamp, you can attach your smartphone to the remote which then serves as a screen. 



Xiaomi Drone 4K is beautiful to look at but it performs equally good. The drone comes with 5100 mAh battery which provides a flight time of 26 minutes. It supports a transmission distance to up to 4KM. The camera on this drone is 12MP Sony back-illuminated sensor, which records in 3840×2160 pixel resolution. The camera is backed by a 3-axis stabilizing system with a built-in gyroscope, accelerometer and brushless motor driver. Xiaomi has thrown in a special app to control this beast easily. The app allows you to generate routes, set up automatic takeoffs and landings along with destinations, fly around a given point, etc. 

Talking about the video recording of the Xiaomi Drone 4K, the output is just amazing. It is really tough to believe the results of this drone. With 4K, the camera captures the smallest details with ease. However, making some tweaks with saturation and contrast will improve your videos, so we recommend you to keep on experimenting. We also found the gimbal a bit abnormal and a slight degree of imperfection. The horizon line doesn’t seem straight and it is a problem with most of the users. The photos too give similar impression but they are quite sharp. 

Talking about other stuff, the drone produces a considerable amount of noise and we won’t say it is a quiet drone. The app built for this drone is very helpful and useful too. The app screen shows all the required information like altitude, battery, drone distance from the user, GPS status and what not. This app makes this drone experience really enjoyable and unique. 

Xiaomi has taken care of the security of the drone too. The drone automatically returns when the battery is low or the drone loses GPS connection. You can also track the position of the drone in real time and the app also helps you to find no-fly zones.



It seems whatever Xiaomi makes is a wonderful device and the same can be said for this Xiaomi Drone 4K too. Given the price, this is the best drone you can get in the market. This flying beast is suitable for all jobs and can be easily used by a rookie or a professional. The drone checks all boxes, design, functionality, usability, video recording, battery performance almost everything is perfect. Though are still some bugs we expect them to be solved in near future. 

We highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a camera drone that too in 4K which is affordable and does not compromise on quality. Here is the best price you can find online.


Is It Worth to Buy? Xiaomi Mi 6 Review


Xiaomi is a brand best known for its low price – high specs gadgets, which perform and look great and are value for your money. Keeping this philosophy alive, we have Mi 6, the successor to their previous flagship Mi5. Mi 6 comes with a premium design and feel, top-notch specs, a dual camera and a price tag which won’t hurt your pocket. 

But given all that, is this the device you would pick as a daily driver? Let’s find out. Find it the cheapeast here


In an ocean of smartphone, where everything looks so similar, Mi 6 manages to be an attractive looking phone with a sturdy built. The device comes with a glass back and there is a ceramic version too. Mi 6 resembles Mi 5 a bit but it is heavier and thicker in feel. The glass back shines beautifully but is a fingerprint magnet too. No complaints here for the material used, the phone is a class apart given the price. 

The display is a 5.1 inch IPS LCD panel protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 4, which is good to know as Xiaomi usually misses out on revealing the glass protection details. On the front, we also have 8 MP camera to take selfies, capacitive buttons and a physical home button which also houses the fingerprint reader. In our daily usage, the fingerprint reader is pretty fast and accurate. 

However, here is a let down with the design, there is no 3.5 mm headphone jack now. Xiaomi’s explanation to this move is, they managed to squeeze in a bigger 3,350 mAh battery by this. Xiaomi has also thrown in a USB C-type to 3.5 mm converter, so that you can use your existing headphones. 


Mi 6 is packed with the latest specs just like its competitors. It is one of the first devices to use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, a beast of a chip. The smartphone comes in two RAM variants, 4 GB or 6GB and up to 128 GB of internal storage. The performance of the device in daily usage is exceptionally great, the phone handles multitasking with ease. Everyday photography and gaming is also not a problem for this Xiaomi flagship. In heavy usage too, the device doesn’t break a sweat. Games like PUBG and Asphalt 8 ran smoothly without any lag and the device was able to run these games in the highest settings too. 


Another reason to upgrade to Mi 6 from its predecessor is the camera, Mi 6 comes with a 12MP + 12MP dual camera setup which provides a 2x optical zoom. The camera module is equipped with OIS (Optical Image Stabilization), phase detection autofocus and a dual LED dual-tone flash. On the front is 8 MP shooter, which auto enables beauty mode for adjusted selfies. 

The images taken with the Mi 6 are crisp and clear, especially the one taken in daylight. Video recording to is fun on this device especially with OIS keeping the extra shakiness away. The camera app is pretty useful and easy to use. There are a plenty of options available for short video, square images, Panorama and a manual mode too. The device has also got an HDR mode for auto adjusted better-looking photos. 

Given the dual camera setup, the phone can also take pictures with bokeh effect, generally called the Portrait Mode. This way the pictures taken are focused on the subject and the background is blurred out. Portrait mode too works well on the Mi 6 and the pictures taken in broad daylight are worth sharing on your social media profiles. In low light, the Mi 6 starts struggling. The pictures taken are not that detailed and you may find loss of quality when zooming in. 


The Mi 6 comes with a 3350 mAh battery and supports Quick charge 3.0. The box packs a quick charger provided by the company. On normal usage, the device can easily run for the whole day. But during a bit heavy usage, which includes calling, social media and running games like PUBG and Asphalt 8, we had to charge it twice in a day. Though we were able to get six hours of screen-on time when connected to a Wi-Fi. However, the inclusion of quick charging is a savior here. The phone charges up quicker than many other in the competition. 


It would not be wrong to say that Mi 6 is one of most capable and appealing Xiaomi flagship till now. The smartphone packs a bundle of features for its price and yes we agree it falls short too in some areas. The battery is bigger but we had to sacrifice the headphone jack for it. In the camera department too, Xiaomi have to improve to compete with the world leaders. But then the price tag covers it all. Mi 6 is worthy of your attention with its good looks and excellent spec sheet. Here is the best deal you can find online!

Is It Worthy to Buy? Xiaomi Mi Speaker Bluetooth 4.0 Review

Xiaomi is well known for its innovative products at affordable prices, especially their audio product portfolio which consists of headphones, Bluetooth headphones, Bluetooth speakers, audio receivers and lot more. We are a fan of these funky audio products. Today we are taking a closer look at one of the coolest Xiaomi Bluetooth speaker – Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 speaker. This one is a round metal body speaker supporting Bluetooth v4.0. The design is aesthetic and performance, given the size, is unbeatable. The speaker comes with an inbuilt microphone which helps in attending calls and we found it really helpful. Get it the cheapest here!

The Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 speaker comes in a standard white box with the product image on the top. On the sides is the product information i.e. This speaker supports Bluetooth version 4.0, a built-in rechargeable battery which is of course non-removable, Xiaomi’s claims 4 hours of battery backup and is capable of handling calls too with its inbuilt microphone. The speaker is mere 58g in weight and comes in three colors – Star Grey, Champagne Gold and Metal Silver. The box contains – An user manual and the speaker itself, no charging cable here.


The first thing one can notice is the size, this is so small and you may wonder what will be the sound performance but worry not we gonna talk about that too in a while. Coming back to the design, this speaker is fitted in a metal shell with a rubber bottom. The dimension goes like this – 52 x 52 x 25mm and it weighs 58g only. This speaker can easily sit on your palm. The grill is on the top where the sound is emitted. On the bottom is the power button, a rubber pad for a good grip, Mi branding, some stickers and mini USB charging port. The power button helps to switch on and off the device. Interesting thing, The speaker comes with a lanyard hole, which is very helpful in carrying this gadget. 

The Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 speaker looks really premium and classy, this is something you want to show to the world. The metal body gives it a shiny look, something which is missing is other cheap plastic speakers. With only one button on the whole speaker, the speaker is pretty clean looking. The design is aesthetic and the speaker easily blends with the decor when used on a table. However, there is no 3.5mm or a micro-sd card slot and there is no volume rockers too. 


Looking at this tiny speaker, you may not expect a lot but appearances can be deceptive and here they actually are. Setting up is pretty easy, simply turn on the speaker and search it on your smartphone via Bluetooth to connect. The first time we turned this little monster on, we were shocked. How can such a small gadget make so much sound and that too so crisp and clear. The sound on this one is really nice, you cannot expect good bass. In the loudness and clarity department you won’t be disappointed. The speaker can easily handle highs and lows and will be a treat to hear your favorite chartbusters. The built-in microphone is cherry on the cake. It comes really handy while taking long calls or when you are too tired to pick up your smartphone. 

Coming to battery, Xiaomi claims a battery life of 4 hours. The speaker has got a small battery and it charges up quickly. If you are wondering about battery indication. The battery is shown on your Mi device itself, in the notification bar. Compared to other Mi Bluetooth Speakers this one is the smallest till now but not on performance. 


Xiaomi products are known for its high quality and low prices and this product checks both the boxes. To be precise, this is that one Xiaomi product you ought to have. Xiaomi Bluetooth 4.0 speaker is also the smallest in the Xiaomi speaker family, small enough to fit in your pocket or sit on your palm. The built quality like any other Xiaomi product is top notch. But the surprise came in when the speaker was turned on. We were really not expecting such a good and loud performance. The sound quality is pretty amazing. In the battery department also, the speaker is not disappointing. 

This is an ideal product if you listen to a lot of music or you travel a lot and looking for a portable speaker, this is one is for you. This round speaker is also an ideal desk speaker and accessory. We also recommend this product as an ideal gift for birthdays or other occasions. Given the price and size, this is that one Mi gadget you really need to have right now! Here is the best deal you can find online!

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5 | Thin But With Elegant Looks And Outstanding Performance

In July 2017, Xiaomi launched a new Mi notebook Air in its new products released ceremony and the product comes in two version, which is Xiaomi Mi notebook air 12.5 inches and 13.3 inches respectively. The ultra-thin design, all-metal body, cost-effective, and other characteristics make it reenergize the long inactive-market of personal notebook soon after the product launched. Today, I will take you to look at the magazine-sized Xiaomi Air 12 that makes it easy to meet the multimedia needs of your office and entertainment. Get the cheapest mi notebook air price here!


I am impressed by the low-key features of the xiaomi air 12 in my first glance. The simple white packaging design with the image of the product printed on it, so that you can sense that how thin was the Xiaomi air 12. Besides that, the hard paper box that uses as a packaging box is quite solid and the side printed with words Mi notebook.


When I opened the box, the elegant look of Xiaomi Mi notebook air 12.5 makes me surprised that it is not like a classical high-end notebook style, as if it were a piece of cut steel plate or a whole piece of a metal mouse pad. Inside of the package was built into a black sponge in order to prevent damage in transit.



After opening the box, you will see the accessories bag with Mi LOGO, neatly placed power adapter. This notebook is produced by Mi eco-chain enterprise Timi Personal Computing Co. Ltd.



Xiaomi Mi notebook air 12.5 uses a USB-C power adapter port, supports 1C fast charging and can reach 50% after 30 minutes charging, while the full-featured USB-C port on the right side of the body can achieve 5Gb/s transmission speed, support for charging, data transmission and video output.



The full-featured USB-C port can expand the number of interfaces and enrich the interface types after optional USB-C to HDMI and other multi-functional adapters. All kinds of accessories are sold at the moderate price but reliable quality here.



Again see the other interface of the body, due to the ultra-thin body, so the number of interfaces will be compromised, both sides of the body have full-featured USB-C x 1, USB 3.0 port x 1,5Gb/s transmission speed, full-size HDMI connector x 1, 3.5mm headphone-microphone jack.



In the overall size of the body, xiaomi air 12, with length 292mm, width: 202mm, thin 12.9mm, light: 1.07kg, and it is an all-metal phone with integrated solid color design, the lid can open up to 135 degrees. However, you can still easily turn on the screen with one hand.



Talk about the keyboard, Xiaomi Mi notebook Air 12.5 inch version adopted a full-size backlit keyboard, very cool to use at night, 1.3mm keyway, 3nit brightness, also equipped with a glass touchpad for precise cursor control and multi-finger gesture control.



It is worth mentioning about the screen and audio configuration of Xiaomi air 12. The screen adopts a full bonding technology, achieving a 12.5″ full HD screen with a 5.71mm ultra-narrow bezel, 78.6% of screen-to-body ratio, and a resolution of 1920. X1080 (176 ppi). While the audio, using AKG special custom grade dual speakers, with professional-grade speaker unit, and specially tuned Dolby AudioTM Premium, which supports for computer and headset surround sound effects, so that overall user experience is stunning.



In terms of specific parameters, I will no longer be discussed in detail, because you can easily get it from the official website. One point that needs to be specially explained is that compared with other products, Xiaomi air 12 has specially reserved SSD cards slots, which can expand the capacity of hard disks. Beside varieties accessories that can be found here with a good price, you can also find a sleeve case that suits you, so that you can carry it as convenient as a magazine.



I conclude Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5-inch version of the all-metal body, ultra-thin design, full-fit ultra-narrow bezel, and custom speaker. It really fulfills my needs in processing office documents, audio and video entertainment, portability, and other aspects. Of course, Mi notebooks come in a variety of sizes and hardware configurations. Whether it’s game entertainment, video production or business office needs, there is always one that meets your requirements. What’s more important is the super performance to price ratio and excellent quality control. You can rest assured its quality and feel free to choose. Here is the best deal you can find online.




Xiaomi Notebook Pro i5 Review | Beautiful Design And Excellent Performance


     As a Mi Fans, I have always been concerned about the 15.6-inch Xiaomi notebook PRO i5 that newly released this year, I think the appearance and configuration also quite suits me but the price is a bit expensive, and due of this I cannot make the decision. Recently my computer has reached a retirement age and start coming out sound like a roaring and also break down several times, due to this reason I finally decide to buy Xiaomi i5. I believe that after reading my user experience on this notebook, you’ll know if this Xiaomi laptop is worth buying. Get the cheapest price here!



As always, Xiaomi’s packaging box is adopted a simple style.

I can finally own the Xiaomi i5 that I already dream of about six months.

Although it is not a top-tier specs notebook, I think that for people like me which do not play the massively multiplayer online game, with this Xiaomi notebook pro i5 that equipped with an i5 processor, as well as 8 GB of RAM and a 256-GB SSD it is totally enough for daily use.


After unboxing, the packaging box looks solid, and the lid is covered with a black filter sponge, with the Xiaomi notebook pro i5 wrapped in plastic bags, and I can see a large panel appears in front of my eyes.


After taking out of the Xiaomi i5, there is an envelope with Mi LOGO, which contains the manual.


After the envelope is removed, you can see the charger and data cable.


Family portrait: One notebook, one manual, one charger and one data cable, this is all you have inside the box.

Opening the lid, and you can see there is a protective pad inside


Finally, you can have a whole looks of the Xiaomi notebook, it is really beautiful, although a bit look like a MacBook.



Xiaomi MacBook i5 are all USB-C power adapters that are small and portable.

The Xiaomi notebook pro i5 is about 2 kg, not an easy carry type. When the time I bought it, I am decided to use it at home, so that I do not consider about the weight of the notebook. But compare with my old computer, it is already very light.


With only 2168 grams included chargers, it is still able to carry around although not so light.

product details


The simple Xiaomi notebook PRO i5 A side looks alike the Mac Book Pro without Apple LOGO, I am not saying it imitates the Apple design, but its craftsmanship is as fine as Apple’s. Xiaomi i5 is in deep gray color, a big difference if compare the previous version which in gold and silver color, indicating that this model positioning itself in business so that the need for low-key luxury. All-metal body with the matte appearance, very texture, it is no wonder that when I first saw it through the Live of new product release and I know that I need to have one, and now it is mine… 

B side is a 15.6-inch 1080P IPS screen, the screen color gamut is up to 72% NTSC, regardless of color, contrast, or picture quality, are very good. The size of bezel around the panel is 6.52mm, up to 81.5% screen-to-body ratio, so that the entire B side look like a display screen. It also uses the Corning Gorilla Glass, makes it capable in scratch-resistant just like a mobile phone.And you can find Mi LOGO on the B side.


Xiaomi notebook Pro i5 lid has a maximum opening degree up to 150 degrees, which is 15 degrees greater than that of notebook AIR. This makes it easier to carry out and use it when needs to do a presentation to customers.


The heat sink of the Xiaomi i5 is hidden inside the shaft, and the design is very clever.




Xiaomi notebook Pro i5’s C side uses full-size island-style keyboard, and specifically designed prevention on accidental taps solution for the user, it using 19.5mm key distance design (the spacing of the center point of the adjacent keycaps), weighing the typing speed and accidentally taps issue, to bring better user experience to business users. The keycaps on the keyboard are large, comfortable to tap, and the keystrokes on the keyboard are moderate, reaching a height of 1.5mm. The elasticity is good enough to meet the needs of the long-time use in the office and quick typing, as well as the backlit effect. However, personally, I think that such a wide distance without a small keypad is the only shortcoming I found on this keyboard.


This time, it is also equipped with fingerprint unlocking, which improves the security for the business and commercial use. The touchpad is also quite large, because of the large 15.6 inches display, it is very easy to do these things. The touchpad is also very comfortable and very sensitive.


Intel’s eighth-generation I5 CPU.


The right side of the Xiaomi i5 is 3 USB port, which is card reader, 2 USB-C port, and the top one is the charging port.

There is an indicator next to it. When it is charged, it will turn into a red light. When fully charged, it will show a green light. It can be safely plugged in all the time. After fully charged, it will automatically shut off the power and will not affect the battery life.


You can use this Xiaomi notebook pro i5 for charging the phone in reverse.


The left side of the Xiaomi notebook pro i5 has an HDMI high-definition video port, there are two USB3.0 port, a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The Mi notebook has enough USB port, no need for an external USB port.


D side feels a bit messy, the middle two rows are the radiator.


7 screws


The bottom of the Xiaomi Pro i5 is a pair of symmetric speaker. This time, it is equipped with a Harman Kardon Infinity speakers, supported with Dolby Atmos, specially optimized for movies, music, and sound mixers. Although user still cannot be completely immersed in the scene, the sound performance certainly one of the best within the same price range products.

Software benchmark score 


The scores more than 170,000, consider at the upper middle level, and I quite satisfied with this result.


This is the temperature after the temperature check. Since there is only 5 degrees measure inside the living room, the temperature of 40 degrees is normal. If it is summer, it is certainly more than this temperature. The fan is very quiet, if I do not play a massively multiplayer online game, it hardly hears the sound of a cooling fan at night.

Endurance test: You can play 720p video continuously for 550 minutes. Xiaomi notebook pro i5 is equipped with a large 60W battery. The standard of this test is to establish a 30% brightness + 30% sound to meet the needs for good viewing experience. The endurance time is long enough and considers pretty amazing within the same product range.

Finally, playing a battle royale game that was very popular recently, it runs smoothly, and the temperature of the Mi notebook does not get very hot. Since I do not play games, I am not very professional in this. 

Xiaomi notebook pro i5 is a very cost-effective business notebook, which gives you beautiful looks and excellent performance but do not kill your wallet. It is suitable for the people that do not like to pursuit of big brands and worth mentioning that it is both good performance and great craftsmanship, which is a very rare product in this price range.

The shortcoming of this is Mi notebook is the lack of small keyboards, plus the memory is welded to the motherboard, can not upgrade the memory itself. It’s a pity.

It can use for working or entertainment, so it is very precisely that Mr. Lei Jun call this model all-purpose notebook. Hope that in future Xiaomi can maintain this kind of workmanship and cost-effective, to bring us more and better products. Here is the best deal you can find online



Is It Worth to Buy? Review on Xiaomi Mi notebook AIR 13.3 inches


       Before the elaboration of the review, please allow me to say a couple of words. After the release of the Xiaomi Mi notebook air 13.3, it is understandable some netizen will praise for its performance and some of them will degrade it. There is no perfect product in the world that able to satisfy everyone. If you want to have the combination of the design of Apple and performance of Alienware but with the price of a Hasee, no one is able to do that.Personally feel that the product is neither good nor bad, but only whether suitable for you or not, so the key here is to identify your own needs. This is why most users struggle when choosing a product, but it is important to be clear about your substantive needs so that you don’t have too much trouble.

     Let’s start with my needs and reasons for choosing this xiaomi mi book air 13.3. I usually need to 24-hour keep several of Alibaba Trader Manager account and QQ account online, often need to use LR and PS to handle some of the picture material, OFFICE is also often used, and occasionally also use PRE to edit some small video and music, which is purely my hobby(prepared to buy an external USB sound card).I do not play games. The last time I played a game was back in 2001. At that time, there was a game called Legend, and then I quit the game world. I think a bit out of topic ~_~ The screen of the notebook that I like do not need to be too big or too small, size should between 13.3 and 14 inches. After comprehensive considerations, I finally chose this Xiaomi Mi notebook AIR 13.3 inch models. Get mi notebook air 13.3 price the cheapest here!

       I would not elaborate on Xiaomi mi notebook air specs such as the hardware parameters and the benchmarks score which you can find it in Xiaomi website and the evaluation that published by the mainstream media. I just want to share a user experience with you all.

Appearance of the notebook

Many netizen jokes about this Xiaomi mi book air 13.3 said that if stick Apple label on it, it looks no different with Apple. Indeed, the remarkable appearance of the Xiaomi Mi notebook AIR 13.3 did not let us down, whether from the material, thickness, weight and other perspectives, it is all in top quality. If you do not believe it, you can search within same price range products via google and then compare the criteria that I mention above. Below we can appreciate the design of the Xiaomi Mi notebook air 13.3 from different perspectives.

The packaging design of the Xiaomi Mi notebook air 13.3 basically continues the style of the Xiaomi mobile phone. The pure white cartons with the colored pictures of notebook printed on the box. You can find Mi LOGO on both sides of the box, which is simple and elegant. From the packaging of Xiaomi series of products in recent generations, it is not difficult to see that the packaging design language of Xiaomi series products is also beginning to be unified day by day, which helps improve the brand recognition so that users will know that which brands it belongs to in a first glance.


At the bottom, there is still a product nameplate label with product-related information.


Open the package you will find it is no design inside the box, all you see is notebook + power cord + manual. I think I want to complain about the large plug of the Mi notebook air 13.3. Take on the common power socket in the market, if plug it in vertical it occupied large space. If it is plug horizontally and the power socket rows are too narrow, it may cause instability in the power supply. It is hoped that the design can be improved in future, like reduce the size of the plug or make it an adjustable plug.



The top of the Mi notebook air looks empty but I will not stick a sticker on it since I do not want any negative impact on heat dissipation. So maybe you can consider a DIY metal to decorate the notebook.


The bottom of Xiaomi Mi notebook air 13.3 is supported by five rubber pads, leaving space for heat dissipation on the D surface. The upper one is a long strip grid heat dissipation hole, and the bottom two sides are speakers. I played an MP3 song, the sound quality is really good. There is a Dolby setting in the system. You can select sound effects according to your preferences and usage scenarios. There were Mi Fans asking me whether voice volume on the left speakers and right speaker were different. I didn’t recognize any different, for me the volume from both sides is similar.


The overall design of the Mi notebook 13.3 is simple, with only two small Mi LOGO below the screen and at the bottom. No other Mi logo is found anywhere else.



The 1080P high-definition mirror screen will reflect under strong light, but after a multi-angle test, it will not affect the use, unless you are under very strong exposure of the light, and happens to be completely backlit, will affect your normal use and perception for it. There is one more shortcoming for the mirror screen that is easy to leave fingerprints on it, so try to avoid touching the screen with your fingers during daily use. You can wipe off the fingerprints with a soft cloth. If a user who is allergic to reflection, you can apply a fog-film to reduce reflection but it will affect the clarity.



The design of the Xiaomi Mi notebook air 13.3’s hinge is very good. There are not many all-metal notebooks that can be opened and closed with one hand in the market. The opening and closing test are performed from multiple angles, and the screen can be firmly fixed. This requires very precise control of the weight of the screen and body and the damping of the shaft. From this details can be seen, Xiaomi is very dedicated to the product design~




A long heat sink is hidden in the hinge connection. Two built-in fans dissipation of heat through heat sinks.


The keyboard design for this Xiaomi Mi notebook air 13 is also very simple. Some people say that the black keyboard looks good. This should be a matter of opinion. If you really love the black keyboard, you can buy keyboard stickers, personally do not recommend that you use the kind of silicone dust cover, because it will affect the heat dissipation. The size of the touchpad area is relatively large, and with a good sense of touch. The drag and drop, the slide-down, and the multi-tasking window switching are respectively tested, and it is very smooth. I did not use the mouse during the whole process. (Including editing this post)


Some people in the forum spoke of a variety of manufacturing defect. I purposely took a few close-ups of the Mi notebook air. And you can see it yourself, personally, I think that its workmanship is very good. At least I didn’t encounter the problem that others said, for me, the USB port is a bit tight so that it takes a little effort to plug in the USB drive.





As for the thickness of Xiaomi notebook air 13.3, I will not use calipers to measure. I just want to say that it is really thin. Let’s take a photo of our own Mi 5 to do a comparison. For me, to go after the thickness limit is bound to compromise at the cost of performance and heat dissipation, in fact, the balance between the thickness and performance is more important.





Hardware and expandability

I don’t think it is significant, as long as your notebook running smoothly, who care about the benchmarks score.

With regard to the expansibility of the latter part, I have a bit to say. Currently, the Xiaomi Mi notebook air 13.3 only supports the replacement of hard disks. The CPU and memory are directly encapsulated on the motherboard. If it can support the replacement of CPU and memory, then the playability of the latter part will be greatly increased, and the consumer is willing to buy even the price is expensive. After all, bottlenecks that limit notebook performance are mainly CPU and memory, and upgrading hard drives alone will not significantly improve performance.

Looking forward to the future Xiaomi notebook will launch PRO version. The configuration is more powerful, and support for upgrading parts is a bit more.
I see a lot of people will ask for help in the forum, consult about whether hardware configuration of Xiaomi Mi notebook air is sufficient to use. This, as I said at the beginning, depends on your needs. In my personal opinion, if you are an office worker and you play games occasionally in your daily office network, then you should buy one, it surely can fulfill your daily use.If you use it for a design-related purpose, such as graphic design, web designers and CAD designers, you can also feel free to buy this Mi 13.3 inch notebook, its hardware configuration enough to run ADOBE and CAD. If you are a fan of games and you playing game daily, it is recommended that you buy a gaming notebook or go directly to a desktop computer. If you are a 3D designer or video editor, it is recommended that you go directly to the workstation, because if you need to do a lot of rendering, you need a good CPU, memory card, and video card.
In simple terms, if your usage scenario is based on 2D, then you can buy it. If your usage scenario is based on 3D, then wait for the high-end version of the Mi Notebook PRO.


General use experience

To turn on the Xiaomi Mi notebook air 13.3 for the first time, you need to connect the power cord to activate the battery, and then start using a few simple initializations. The initialization process may be slow. Please wait patiently. Don’t try to turn off the power or reboot, so as to avoid blue screen error.


This is the lock screen interface, after entering the password you can enter to WIN10 desktop. I am looking forward to the upcoming upgrade of the Xiaomi bracelet unlocking feature.


A quit look to the desktop, Wow ~ This is Mi 5 default theme? Will surely change it later. There is a lot option that you can choose in wallpaper library, of course, you can also browsing the Internet and download the wallpaper that created by those master. ~~~


Compare the backlight contrast effects of two keyboards. The first one is the backlight brightness when the living room chandeliers and table lamps are turned on.


The second one is the backlight brightness effect after all light in the living room turned off. In a dark environment, you can clearly feel the power of the keyboard backlight.
Here is a tip, FN + ESC combination can lock and open the function key of F1-F12, of course, the default is function key activated, and then restore the original function of F1-F12 after switching, such as system help, file name change, search, refresh and so on. However, once the Mi notebook air reboot, the function key will return to the default activated mode.


Xiaomi Mi notebook air system preinstalled a Xiaomi synchronization, the feature is similar to the Web version, it is only packed in an EXE shell. You can disable it from start to boot, whenever you need it just click the Mi LOGO after open the taskbar.


After testing the browser and the third-party software, some people feedback that the various third-party software texts and pictures are vague. Some people in the forum have given the solution, setting a 100% ratio, but the text will become very small. So that I never modified it. The default ratio 150%.


There is one thing to remind everyone, WIN10 by default will delete the selected item directly after you click delete button, it is recommended that enable the delete confirmation box, to avoid mistakenly delete the important information. To activate this function, please right-click on the recycle bin icon, select Properties, and select Show Delete Confirmation Box.

After a morning of installation, the App that I am installed included Alibaba Workbench(Qianniu), Trader Manager(Wangwang), QQ, WeChat, Alipay, online banking tools, browsers, anti-virus software, WPS, video players, and etc., for the software I often use, Xiaomi Mi notebook air 13.3 compatibility is still very good.

After all the trouble, of course, I need to do a GHOST backup for my Mi notebook air, so that can easily restore to the computer if the system breakdown.
The first step, download an application that can create bootable USB flash drives, then find an empty pen drive that capacity more than 1G. Remember, the system must be set to boot to UEFI in order you can do so.


Follow the hook as shown below to set. BOOT TYPE – Indicates the boot type, ENABLED – indicates permission. In fact, if you have a good command of English in high school, to configure these settings is actually easy job.



Here is a place that you need to pay attention, you need to set your USB drive to the first position in the list. Otherwise, the computer by default will boot from hard drive.


Then select the backup target disk and backup path, and then click OK to start waiting. Here my C drive after the software back up the size of the file is about 17.7G, I do not know how was the capacity of the backup file for other people, but I do feel that the size of my back up file is too large.


After the backup is completed, restart the computer, unplug the pen drive. If the system breakdown in future, you can just plug in the pen drive and restore the computer. 

Finally, let’s talk about the boot speed that you all are interested, the brand new Mi notebook air 13 took 4-5 seconds to boot, but after installing all the software I needed. It is it took 8 seconds to boot.  

In fact, boot speed cannot explain anything, if you disable all startup items, it certainly can boot faster. But you may experience trouble when you use it. Therefore, it is not recommended that you over optimize the system in order to make the boot time faster. Some prefetchers and preloads item is required by the system.

Written in the end, I type this review article with Xiaomi Mi Notebook air 13.3, after devoted a lot of space to share my user experience, hope that it is helpful to the friends that want to buy a Mi notebook air. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a message here. I will try my best to answer everyone’s questions, and do hope that you all can give me some feedback. Here is the best deal you can find online.



Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S Review | This Is The Most Successful Xiaomi Mobile Phone.

On October 25, 2016, the debut of the Mi MIX emerged as the most unexpected thing of the new product release. The Mi MIX 2 heat released a year later is once again create the fervor and excitement among its fans, and even surpassed Xiaomi 6 in some ways. Six months after Mi MIX 2 was released, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S was officially released. What kind of surprise would this MIX series with named “S” give us? Let us review the new Xiaomi Mix 2S together. Get it the cheapest here!


Maintaining the status quo

Talks about the breakthrough of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, the appearance still maintain with the same design.As the current product with the best design and gorgeous appearance among the Xiaomi series of mobile phone. Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S has a very good level of performance in terms of craftsmanship and texture.



Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S as an [S] series of upgraded products, it is still adopted the Mi Mix 2 design. A 5.99-inch LCD screen + narrow bezel on three sides and narrower chin is a classic design that adopted by all three Mi Mix series phone. Although it is still a bit conservative in the design, it is a safe approach and it will not make users resentful.


If you look at the back of the phone, you can found out that Xiaomi modified the location of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S if compare to the Mi MIX 2. From central axis to the upper left corner of the back, and this is also the first dual camera product of the MIX series of Xiaomi, the vertical arrangement of the camera look straight and narrow. Xiaomi MIX 2S also has a good improvement in the camera, and the details of this upgrade will be mentioned later.


In addition, the biggest change in Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S products compared to the previous two Mix series products is the elimination of “full ceramic” version. Xiaomi MIX 2S uses a 7000 series aluminum alloy frame, both black and white, which is also a compromise made by Xiaomi for mass production

This is probably the best Xiaomi camera phone

As we all know, Xiaomi’s phone is less competitive in terms of cameras. Therefore, as the first blockbuster product in 2018, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S is also starting to work on cameras, trying to reverse the previous public perception to the performance of the camera.


Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S adopted a dual camera design, the main camera is 12 million pixels, F/1.9 aperture with IMX363 sensor; the secondary camera is also 12 million pixels, supports double lossless zoom, aperture F/2. Xiaomi MIX 2S performance is quite good in its hardware performance, but in addition Xiaomi’s AI team has also made a lot of efforts this time, the new AI camera algorithm also provides a lot of improvements.





As can be seen from the sample above, the imaging capability of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S is greatly improved compared to other Mi phone, especially in terms of color restoration and focusing speed. For taking a photo at night, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S performance is still acceptable, but because we are currently using a developer version of the firmware, so it is a bit of slow focus during the night. Although the camera’s light control capabilities and screen purity is still good you can still see a noticeable smear after magnification. This is the things that Xiaomi camera team needs to work towards in the future.

In addition to the performance of the camera itself, we also mentioned the AI team’s efforts in the camera, and as we should know Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S added “AI smart camera”. AI smart camera offer scene detection, so as to make a reasonable retouching effect to the picture according to different scene styles.


 ▲ Without AI smart camera retouching effects


▲ With AI smart camera retouching effects


▲ Without AI smart camera retouching effects


▲ With AI smart camera retouching effects

For example, the above two groups of samples, although the improvement is not obvious because of the Beta version, it can be seen that the color of the flowers has become more saturated. In addition, in the backlight environment and some special scenes, the AI camera has a very good scene detection and picture retouching effects. We believe that it will keep on improve and become more and more powerful.

Little AI classmate ~ give me wireless charging

Last year, Xiaomi launched the first intelligent voice assistant speaker – little Ai students, and it becomes popular very soon all around, even my colleagues around every day will be shouting “Little Ai classmates”.With the advancement of the little Ai classmates, Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S also equipped with intelligent voice assistant feature, and become the important step to roll out intelligent voice assistant by Xiaomi.


Little Ai becomes more powerful on the mobile phone and its role also more diversified if compare to Mi AI speaker. Besides the traditional weather check, alarm clock setting, and music listening, Little Ai classmates can also help you with post status on Wechat moments, search for videos, and other multimedia content.

Compared to Siri, the work that Little Ai classmates can do a lot more diverse and flexible work. Siri can only invoke some superficial desktop functions, while Little Ai classmates can go deep into each APP, to invoke any of these features. Voice assistant is getting more and more common, and also allows users to input voice commands more easily and freely.


The wireless charging function is rarely mentioned, but as a flagship product in 2018 is still a must-have feature. Therefore, Mi MIX 2S is also equipped with a wireless charging function, and accompanied by the introduction of a new wireless charging pad. Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S supports the current most popular Qi wireless charging standard, so it can be compatible with most of the current wireless charging pad on the market, and charging speed is up to 7.5W. After the actual test, by wireless charging the phone, can hit 10% in 20 minutes, which is pretty good results.

King of the Kings: Snapdragon 845+8GB+256GB

Xiaomi’s flagship product absolutely did not disappoint users in the hardware configuration. Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S definitely will amaze you. With Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 8GB RAM and 256GB ROM, it is definitely most powerful configuration of the year. As the first domestically produced Snapdragon 845 product, Mi MIX 2S is undoubtedly the most eye-catching product. And this time Snapdragon 845 is power by the AIE intelligent neural processing chip, which can deal with some AI-level tasks with higher quality and efficiency, and this is the highest level of AIE smart chip at present, its processing power is outstanding.


Antutu Benchmark score for Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S is around 270,000, which is slightly higher than the Samsung S9 that released earlier. This is exactly what Xiaomi did in terms of absolute performance. Always make the best use of the processor. While in GEEKBENCH score, single-core XXXX, multi-core XXXX can also be said to be an absolute level of king.


In fact, few mobile phones talk about absolute performance now, but with the introduction of games such as PUBG: stimulating Battlefield, make the majority of users are aware of the importance of the SoC. Take the most popular battle royale game, “stimulating Battlefield,” for example, Mi MIX 2S can run smoothly and fully loaded with high picture quality, high frame rate and high special effects, most importantly you will never experience lost frames and Caton phenomenon during the game. This is also a lot of Snapdragon 660 mobile phones and even Snapdragon 835 products are very difficult to achieve. If you love playing games, you must not miss it.


In addition, this year’s Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S also added the ARCore feature, as an important Google partner within the mainland, Mi MIX 2S this time also debuted an augmented reality game. Although the game is a simple tower defense game, it is still a test for mobile phone data processing fluency and the fineness of the picture. Power by Snapdragon 845, Mi MIX 2S pass this test with outstanding results.

Small upgrade but still worth buying

In fact, in the past few days using Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S, what impressed me most was neither the powerful performance of the Snapdragon 845, nor was it the camera enhancement of the dual-camera, but the Mi MIX series has been adhering to the excellent quality and great function expansion by Little AI classmate. In the coming era of AI, the emergence of Xiaomi AI is absolutely a moment to seize the user’s heart, plus Xiaomi did a very good job in its ecological environment and functional depth, a simple “Little Ai Classmate” can basically complete all your daily operations. 

The most exquisite display, the most intelligent AI, the most powerful configuration, and the most powerful flagship, all contribute to the good product reputation of Xiaomi Mi MIX 2S. Although it is only a regular upgrade of [S] series, it is still the best flagship phone that available to buy on the market. Here is the best deal you can find online!